CozyCats frequently asked questions

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Can we bring the bed our cat normally uses?

Why aren't you open all day?

Are you open on a Sunday?

Are your Boarding Fees all inclusive?

How do we work out the total Boarding Fees we will have to pay?

If I make a booking and the situation changes can I cancel it?

What vaccinations must my cat have to stay at your cattery?

If my cat has never been vaccinated what do I do?

What's the youngest a kitten can be for you to board them?

Do cats have access to the outside?

How often do you clean the chalets?

What do we do if we are unavoidably delayed in collecting our cat?

Do you board elderly cats?

Do you board disabled cats?

Will you provide the food our cat usually eats?

Our cat is on a special diet/is a fussy eater is that a problem?

Our cat has a special feeding routine, is that a problem?

Our cat is on medication can you administer it?

What happens if our cat is taken ill while boarding with you?